Middle School Wind Band Institute

Sunday, June 3 – Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mirroring the rewarding experiences from the High School Wind Band Institute, the Middle School version is a day camp (9am – 5pm) for middle school students. Each day will include full ensemble rehearsals, master classes, theory instruction and an hour break for lunch. All students that are nominated by their directors are invited to participate in the camp. The camp will focus on performance instruction, comprehensive musicianship, playing techniques and theory skills. On check-in day, each student will complete a brief placement audition (from the music sent by mail before camp begins) and a brief theory exam to determine the appropriate placement within the ensemble and the most appropriate theory section. There will be a “grand finale” concert on the evening of June 7 for parents, teachers and the community to attend, free of charge. The middle school groups will perform first followed by the high school Honor Band. For more information regarding the Wind Band Institute, please contact Kaelah McMonigle at k.mcmonigle@louisville.edu or 502-852-5200.

Please click the links below to print off paper copies of the nomination form. Or, you may nominate your students via the embedded form below.

2018 MSWBI Director Letters

2018 MSWBI Nomination Form

2018 MSWBI Tentative Schedule

2018 Middle School Summer Wind Band Institute Nomination Form

To the Band Director: Please submit nominations for woodwind, brass and percussion players from your middle school band. Based on your recommendation, students will be accepted without a preliminary audition. After we receive your nominations, students will be notified of their acceptance. Ensemble seating auditions will be held upon arrival on June 3. Audition materials, camp music, a camp itinerary and directions to the University of Louisville will be sent to students at the addresses provided below once they have accepted their invitation. Please submit nominations by April 1, 2018.