Metroversity Students


The CMB welcomes all students within the Metroversity System. This includes students enrolled at Bellarmine University, IU Southeast, Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC), Spalding University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Typically, a metroversity student must have taken 12 hours at their school before enrolling in the metroversity program; HOWEVER, this rule is waived for those wishing to be in the CMB, allowing all first semester students in the metroversity program to enroll in the CMB.


Kathleen Mandlehr, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Kentuckiana Metroversity, Inc.
200 West Broadway, Suite 800
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: 502.213.4562
Fax: 502.213.4512


Students can register for MUS 109 as a Metroversity student via JCTC.  This is one of the courses offered at UofL open to incoming freshman and others transfers regardless of usual policy. Here is the process:

1) Complete Metroversity forms with  class number, department (MUS) and  catalog number (109) and exact title of course
2) Have JCTC advisor (Kathleen Mandlehr) sign form, Office location JEC 606 by August 12, 2013
3) Have JCTC Registrar Office (Mark  Kreisler) sign  form , Office location JEC,  1st floor, Records office by August 12, 2013
4) Take JCTC signed form to Susan Pierce (UofL Registrar’s Office) beginning August 19.  Remember  JCTC  Advisor and  Registrar signature  must be  completed  by August 12, 2013 to facilitate the week difference between two institutions semester start times.


If the student is an Ultra student (have had prior contact and done our sign-up) we will have early enrollment July 22-31, 2013 where we take care of steps 2-4.  Should students miss this window you can direct them to our office so that get to the right people by the August 12, 2013 deadline.


Tawana O. McWhorter
Assistant Director
University of Louisville
Jefferson Education Center, 9th Floor
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone 502 213 2541